Pura Kiki Silicone Travel Covers (Pack of 2)


Pura Kiki is the first and only baby bottle provider to equip its bottles with a 100% plastic-free silicone travel nipple/spout travel cover! 

Features of this revolutionary design:

  • Covers & protects the nipple or spout while on the go
  • Secure fit prevents leaking — other brands' plastic bottle covers easily fall off in one's bag!

Can also be used as a plastic-free snack cup for toddlers in a stroller, pram or car seat!

    100% plastic-free and crafted from medical grade silicone.  

    Each pack contains two Silicone Travel Covers™. 


    Pur'itsy says:  "We love how it's so secure and grippy!"

    To find out more about how silicone is safe, check out Safety, Explained.

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