Pura Kiki Silicone Sealing Disks (Pack of 3)


Designed to increase the usefulness and lifespan of Pura Kiki's products.

Allows bottles to be repurposed for a variety of great uses:

  • For breast milk storage
  • For use as a small water bottle or snack cup for school age kids
  • Allows Pura Kiki bottles to be repurposed to carry adult beverages on camping trips, to the beach or on board a sailboat - unbreakable stainless steel and plastic-free construction are not just for kids!

Each pack of disks includes three colours to allow for colour coding.

Works with all Pura Kiki bottles.

Pur'itsy says:  "A must-have!"

To find out more about how silicone is safe, check out Safety, Explained.

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