Lifefactory 9 oz / 250 ml Glass Bottle in Ocean (Sold with flat cap)


Great for breastmilk storage, or for the young child who's ready to drink direct from the bottle!

Packs well into backpacks for school-age kids, and fits easily in handbags for on-the-go moms. 

Protective sleeve provides a good gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against breakage.

Bottle grows with your child, with Lifefactory's range of interchangeable caps [sold separately] to extend the life of your bottle.  

Compatible with most major breast pumps.

Comes with the leakproof flat cap for storage or on-the-go.

Bottle made of high quality soda lime glass.  Glass is safe in contact with beverages and does not leach toxins.

Sleeve made of medical-grade silicone.  No need to remove for washing.

Glass made in France.  Cap and sleeve made in the U.S.  Components assembled in the U.S.

Free of BPA and phthalates.

Measures 17.2 cm tall by 6.4 cm wide.

Dishwasher-safe (place cap on top rack).

Pur'itsy says:  "Unbelievably sturdy for a glass bottle!  When we first bought this in the US, we were told by the guy that he once dropped it from a high shelf and it didn't break.  We didn't exactly test this out at home, but it has definitely survived a handful of drops at ours!"

To find out more about why glass and silicone are safe and/or sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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