KORXX Brickle


[Exclusive to Pur'itsy, in Singapore]

The only cork blocks on the market!

17 small cork building blocks in a felt box.  Also includes a cloth bag for easy storage.

Consists of 10 cubes, and 7 rectangular blocks in two sizes.

Made of granulated natural cork that is safe even when your child decides to take a lick!

Designed for use on the go, KORXX Brickle is the Mini of KORXX blocks.  

Fits easily into diaper bags for use when travelling, dining out or waiting for the doc - we all know how stressful those situations can be!

Cork is tactile, lightweight and quiet, allowing for silent playtime even in a crowded restaurant or plane.  

The unique grippy texture of cork makes construction easy for children who can’t yet grasp the concept of sound structure.  An unfrustrated child is a happy child! 

Promotes the development of fine motor skills.

Great for ages 1 and up.

Great also as office entertainment for big ones, we've found.

Made in Germany.


  • Golden Award with the Practical Preschool 2014
  • “Spiel gut" Award (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Award “Spielzeugratgeber” 2013

Pur'itsy says:  "Call us traditional, but we far prefer that baby plays with this over tablets or smartphones while on the go!"

Watch a video demo of the KORXX Brickle below -


To find out more about how cork is safe and sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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