GladRags Organic Reusable Cotton Pads (3 Day Pads)

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Perfect for daytime use, the GladRags Day Pads work well for moderate flow or light bladder leakage.

Incredibly comfortable, breathable and all-cotton - free from plastics, chemical gels and other synthetic nasties!

Each GladRags Day Pad consists of 1 holder plus 2 inserts which can be added where necessary to boost absorbency level.  With both inserts in place, the Day Pad is the equivalent of an average disposable maxi pad.

Comes with an additional layer of ultra-absorbent organic cotton terrycloth, plus good coverage in the front and back to keep you protected against leaks.

Reusable over and over again, so you needn't add to the plastic waste problem every moon cycle!

GladRags recommends: 6 - 12 per cycle 

No animal testing.

Made in the USA.

Care instructions:

1.  After use, separate the inserts from the holder and either (i) rinse off excess blood or (ii) soak in cold water.

[You can add a drop or two of an enzymatic cleanser (like Biokleen's Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator) as a simple pre-treatment to prevent staining!] 

2. Machine wash cold or hand wash.  Line dry or tumble dry low.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Store flat to eliminate wrinkling; use cool iron if desired.

Pur'itsy says: "What blew us away was how soft and comfy wearing these felt (as compared to the usual disposable pads) - and how well they performed absorption-wise!  And there is never any odour - unlike with plastic disposable pads!  We did doubt for a second there whether we would be comfortable with reusables for this function - but we quickly realised that we don't throw out a blood-stained panty, so what's wrong with washing out a pad (especially ones that are as low-maintenance as these)?  Plus, did you know that an average woman will use up to 16,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime?"

Watch a video demo of the GladRags Organic Day Pad below -


To find out more about why organic cotton is safe and sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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