At Pur'itsy, everything's clean and green.  (We checked!)

We swear by three principles in handpicking brands and products for our store -

1. Safety 

If its safety is not backed by science, we’re not having any of it.  

Exposure to toxins is far more dangerous for babies and children than for adults, as their bodies are still growing and developing.  

We know that parents today care about the health implications of what they buy for baby but don’t have the time and information to research the safest and healthiest options.  And the problem is compounded by rampant greenwashing in the marketplace, making it hard to discern legitimate options.

At Pur’itsy, we do the heavy lifting for you.  We read product labels, ask questions, scour through product safety research databases, and keep up with the science so that you don’t have to.

Want to know more about what we consider safe?  Check out "Safety, explainedhere!

    And if you are still interested to know more, check out “Pur'itsopedia” here to understand the terms you see us using on our website.

    2. Sustainability

    We want our children to inherit an earth worth living in and we’re taking steps to ensure that. 

    Many things may not be within our control but for the things that are, we believe that every little helping hand adds up!  

    Every product we carry is manufactured in a way that is thoughtful to the earth and helps you reduce your parenting eco-footprint – because we all know how troublingly large that can be.

    Want to know more about what we consider sustainable?  Check out "Sustainability, explainedhere!

    3. Quality

    We stock this store with the very same products we use at home.  

    If a product did not pass the mommy-and-baby litmus test, you would not see it here.  

    We also keep an eye (and ear) on user reviews to make sure that it’s not just us who love the products.

    And did we mention that many of the products we carry are award-winning?  We sure think that helps.



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