was started by a mom who’s a bit of a modern day hippie by her friends’ accounts.  She escapes from the daily grind to the woods for multi-day treks, loves serving up organic grub to friends and family, and hangs up recycling bags for trash at her house parties.

Her way of living naturally extended to baby when he was born.  In fact, knowing how vulnerable the infant body is to toxins, she was pretty diligent about giving him a clean start to life.  

Little did she know how challenging it would be.

She hates how feeding baby only fresh organic food means having to restrict his diet to a paltry grocery selection, and wishes she doesn’t have to spend hours trawling through the Internet in search of alternatives to the ubiquitous made-with-plastic you-name-it (and yes, then wait for it to slowly economy-ship over from overseas). 

Going clean and green for baby is hard work!  And, not to mention, heavy on the wallet.

She dreams of the day when cheap plentiful organic produce line supermarket shelves, when plastic (BPA-free or otherwise) is no longer the de facto material for all things baby, and when raising a child no longer equals raising a landfill.

One day, she decided to stop dreaming and start doing.

Starting with Pur'itsy.

Because she believes that going clean and green may be a choice – but it shouldn’t be a tough one.



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