Pura Sport™ 18 oz / 532 ml Bottle with Red Sleeve


The only 100% plastic-free sports bottle in the market!

A lightweight, go-anywhere bottle that works great for both grown-ups and older children.

Big Mouth™ sport top allows free flow of liquids, while eliminating the dreaded ice shift that often results in a soaked shirt or an embarrassing wet spot in your lap!

Sport top can be swapped out for any of the other Pura silicone mouthpieces, including the nipples, sipper spouts, straws & flat lids. 

Silicone sleeve comes with a reinforced carrying finger loop.

Bottle is made of unpainted high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and silicone components are made of medical-grade silicone.  Stainless steel and silicone are safe for holding your child's drink and do not leach toxins.  

Measures 18.3 cm by 7.3 cm.

Pur'itsy says:  "Gotta love it for the thoughtful design of every aspect, and we love how lightweight this is!"

To find out more about how stainless steel is safe and sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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