Pura 0.8L Stainless Steel Bottle in Green

$28.90 $35.90

Comes with a stainless steel loop cap with a revolutionary stainless steel plug - ie. the part of the loop cap that comes into contact with the bottle's contents is made of stainless steel and 100% plastic-free!

The wide-mouth design makes it easy to drink from, put ice cubes in, and so easy to clean!

The bottle is made of 100% recyclable, high-quality, food grade stainless steel, so it's free of toxins and BPA.  Stainless steel is safe for holding your drinks and does not leach toxins. 

Measures 26.9 cm tall by 7.1 cm in diameter.

Pur'itsy says:  "Gotta love it for the thoughtful loop cap design, and we love how lightweight this is for how much it carries!  And green is hands-down our favourite colour for this bottle here at Pur'itsy!"

To find out more about how stainless steel is safe and sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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