Pura Kiki 5 oz / 150 ml Infant Bottle in Pretty Pink

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The only 100% plastic-free baby bottle on the market!

Bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel and silicone components are made of medical-grade silicone.  Stainless steel and silicone are safe for holding your child's drink and do not leach toxins.  

Comes with Natural Vent Nipple™ in Slow Flow.  Natural Vent Nipples™ are designed with a shape that promotes a superior seal between baby and nipple, an elongated vent to reduce colic and spit-ups, and a flow rate that simulates and supports breast feeding.

Also comes with a silicone travel cap that keeps the mouthpiece clean.

What makes Pura Kiki's stainless steel bottles great:

  • Lighter than glass - and no risk of breakage or chipping!
  • With single-walled stainless steel, you can easily tell the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle by just feeling the outside - the temperature inside is essentially the same as the temperature on the outside!  So it's easier for you and safer for baby!
  • Does not impart or retain flavours or odours.
  • Milk stored in bottle is protected from exposure to light, preventing the breakdown of important proteins and nutrients.
Other outstanding features of the bottle:
  • Clear internal volume markings make measuring your child's milk or drink a breeze.  Easily seen by a quick glance inside the bottle through the wide bottle neck.
  • Adaptable - easily converts from infant bottle to sippy cup to straw bottle by simply swapping the mouthpiece and to flat-cap storage with the silicone sealing disks, allowing bottle to grow with and adapt to the changing needs of your child.  (Accessories sold separately)
  • Easy to assemble and clean!
  • Modern and sleek design, with choice of fun colours and a shape that's optimised for small hands.
  • Suitable for storing milk in refrigerator or freezer, when used with Pura Kiki Silicone Sealing Disks (sold separately).  When freezing, do not over-tighten lid and do not fill bottle above the 8 oz line - filling bottle beyond this point can cause bottle to deform when liquid expands as it freezes.
  • Also compatible with wide neck nipples from other leading manufacturers including Pigeon silicone nipples, Dr Brown's wide neck nipples and Philips AVENT Sports Spout, in case your child has a strong preference!
  • Works with the Philips AVENT breast pump adapter which is compatible with leading breast pump brands including Medela and Lansinoh. [Note from manufacturer: Breast pump adapter fits on slightly askew but will not come off or leak, even with shaking.]
Free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.  Paint on bottles is water-based, non-toxic and lead-free.

    Measures 12.7 cm tall x 5.7 cm.

    Great for newborns and up.


    • BabyGearLab's Top Pick Award in Infant Bottle
    • New York Family's Best Baby Bottles 2015
    • Family Choice Award 2014


    Pur'itsy says:  "Stainless steel baby bottles are perfect if you are staying away from plastic but worry about putting glass in baby's hands - and Pura Kiki is definitely the best one around!  And for those of you with babies who just can't wait, milk from the fridge heats up so quickly in stainless steel bottles - you can even just hold it under the hot water tap!"

    To find out more about how stainless steel is safe and sustainable, check out Safety, Explained and Sustainability, Explained.

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