Gift cards

Billions of dollars go into unwanted gifts every year, creating unnecessary waste and environmental impact - especially during traditional gifting occasions like baby showers, baby's full month and Christmas.

Not unbelievable at all though - we've all experienced the difficulty of picking the right gift for our loved ones (however well you know the person!), and have great sympathy for non-parents who sometimes really don't have a clue (well, that was us pre-baby!).

In the hope of offering a greener alternative, Pur'itsy offers gift cards of different denominations  to suit your needs (and your recipients'!).

Want a thoughtful (and green) gift that can't go wrong?  Get a Pur'itsy gift card to show you care.

How it works:

  1. After you purchase your choice of gift card, your gift gets sent directly to your recipient's email inbox - same-day delivery!  You'll be cc'd on the gift delivery email so you'll know it's delivered.
  2. The gift card will contain a claim code that allows your gift recipient to redeem the gift value when they make their purchase at Pur'itsy.
  3. You'll get an email when the gift card gets redeemed.  We find that recipients of Pur'itsy gift cards tend to use them pretty fast - they love our stuff!  


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