Pura Kiki: Extending the Bottles' Lifespan with a Swap of Mouthpieces! February 22, 2018 13:20

There are many things we like about our Pura Kiki bottles - that they are made of food-grade stainless steel, that they contain zero plastic...  But our absolute favourite feature has got to be how they evolve as your child grows, to fit all their drinking needs along the way.  This gives the Pura Kiki bottles incredible usable lifespan for a kids' bottle - compared to our other milk bottles sitting in cold storage now that kiddo has outgrown them...  

How does Pura Kiki do it?  Well, simply with one ingenious design feature - by designing all the different types of accessories to fit through the metal bottle collar!  So one set of bottles can be used for years with a simple swap of the silicone mouthpiece accessory - as you can see in the Pura Kiki infographic below.  Less waste, more money saved!


Pura Grows With Baby

So what are these mouthpiece accessories we are talking about, and how do you know when to use them?  Welcome to Pura Kiki Mouthpiece Accessories 101!


Designed to support breastfeeding and bottle-fed babies, the Natural Vent Nipple™ mimics the variable flow rate of breastfeeding.  Its shape promotes a superior seal between baby and nipple - no leakage or dribbling - and its elongated vent helps reduce spit-ups and colic.

As you already know, this works from birth!



Following the advice of leading paediatricians, the XL Sipper Spout is designed to be stiff and free-flowing to support the natural development of teeth and gums in toddlers.

Babies tend to be ready to start on sipper spouts anywhere between 6 and 9 months, and many paediatricians recommend that children move on from nippled bottles by around 12 months.   



The Silicone Straw™ is comprised of two pieces - the mouthpiece and the straight straw that extends into the bottle.  

You can use it two ways -

(i)  With the straight straw attached, so the child drinks with the bottle upright; or

(ii)  With the straight straw removed, so the child drinks by tipping the bottle up. 

Children can start on the straw anywhere between 6 months and 12 months (and some parents and/or kids prefer to skip the sipper spout altogether!).

Pura Kiki Silicone Straw

4.  Sealing Disk

The Sealing Disks convert your Pura Kiki bottles into any of the following, helping to increase their usefulness and lifespan -

  • A container for breast milk storage (afterall, dairy milk is commercially pasteurised in stainless steel!)
  • A small water bottle or snack cup for school-age kids
  • A small container to carry adult beverages when out and about, e.g. to the beach or on board a sailboat - unbreakable stainless steel is not just for kids!

The disks come in a pack of three colours to allow for colour coding!


The Big Mouth™ offers a free-flowing mouthpiece for older children who can drink (or are learning to drink) from a cup.  The vented sip guard eliminates spills but still allows free flow of liquids.  With the attached flip lid on, the mouthpiece becomes leak-proof.

With the recent addition of this sports top to the Pura Kiki accessory collection, the usable life of Pura Kiki bottles has been further extended to older kids and adults!  Children tend to be ready to use the Big Mouth™ Sports Top by around age 3 or 4.

Comes in 4 colours to match your choice of bottle!

Pura Big Mouth Sports Top

Are you as excited about Pura Kiki as we are now?  If you too are looking for a bottle that can grow with your child, head on over to our Pura Kiki collection right here!

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