A quick FAQ guide to reusable feminine pads March 1, 2016 08:00

Since we introduced GladRags' organic cotton reusable pads in our store, we've had quite a few questions on just how to use them.  And whenever we talk to the uninitiated about them, we get that "Seriously?!!" look - a lot.  So we figured it wouldn't hurt to put up an FAQ guide to using reusable cloth pads here on our blog!  


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[Featuring the GladRags pantyliner]


Q:  Seriously?!!

A:  We kid you not.  We get that it sounds gross to some of you but, if you think about it, it's not all that different from using cloth diapers with your child (who, yes, even does the #2 in them).  And, if you get a stain on your panty, do you throw it out or do you wash it?  

Q:  But why?

A:  So many reasons!

(1) They're incredibly soft and comfortable.  It's cloth after all!  

(2) They work just as well as disposables.  We were impressed with how well they performed absorption-wise when we first tried them!

(3) They're all-cotton and free from plastics, chemical gels and other synthetic nasties - sounds like a good proposition for something that sits so close to your bits, no?

(4) They're reusable over and over again, so you needn't add to the plastic waste problem every moon cycle!

Do you know the average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, tampons and pantyliners in her lifetime?  That is a LOT of single-use waste (and we're not even talking about the packaging waste etc)!  Take a stand against single-use disposables, and choose a quality reusable cloth pad instead!

(5) They save money!  

Remember those 12,000 disposables?  What seems like a small expense on each pack of sanitary disposables, can really add up over your lifetime!  While cloth pads are an initial investment, they pay off over time!  

Q:  How do you use them?

A:  Daunting as it may seem to first-timers, cloth pads are really very simple to use!  

The GladRags pads are easy to wear - they come with press-studs to keep the pad snapped in place around the gusset of your undies. No glues!

The GladRags pads also consist of one holder and two inserts, and this allows you to make them mini or maxi by using one, two, or even three inserts!  Awesome versatility.

If you want something more visual, check out the product demo videos on our product pages here (just click into your product of choice)!

Q:  More importantly, how do you clean them out?

A:  It's simple, really!  There are two ways to go about it -

(1) Rinse them out by hand, the same way you would stained undies.  They rinse out fairly easily!  Once the excess blood is rinsed out, they are good to go straight into the washing machine!

(2) Just soak them directly in cold water until it's time for laundry!  (You might want to change the water daily if laundry day is not so soon...)  

Feel free to add a drop or two of an enzymatic detergent as a pre-treatment or to the soaking water, for added protection against staining.

Either machine-wash cold or hand wash, and line dry or tumble dry low.  Don't use bleach or fabric softener, and store flat to eliminate wrinkling (or use cool iron if desired).

Q:  Anything else you'd like to tell me about them?

A:  How about our favourite feature of the GladRags cloth pads?  Because the pads are all-cotton and breathable, you don't get the odour you sometimes get with synthetic pads!

Q:  Tell me more about GladRags the company.

A:  GladRags is a small company that manufactures the pads in Portland, Oregon, United States. 

Q:  Okay, you've got me.  Tell me, which pad is more suitable for me?

A:  That depends on your needs.  

If you want something for moderate flow days or light bladder leakage, go with the GladRags Day Pad.  With both inserts in place, the Day Pad is the equivalent of an average disposable maxi pad.

If you want something heavy-duty for postpartum recovery (for the uninitiated, yes, there will be blood), as an all-nighter pad or on heavy flow days, go with the GladRags Night Pad.  It has awesome coverage front and back.

Q:  How many do I need?

A:  For a typical moon cycle, GladRags recommends 6 to 12 Day Pads and 1 to 3 Night Pads.  

But you can always start small.  I started out with just one night pad to make sure I really liked it before I got more (and I most certainly did!).  

Q:  So where can I buy them?

A:  We've got just the place for you here.

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