Why a hankie is a great idea for baby February 27, 2016 01:53

My recent trip to Japan with the kiddo reminded me of how big handkerchiefs are over there.  The Japanese carry on their person a handkerchief every day, to dry their hands, wipe their brow or for whatever other purpose it happens to serve.  Indeed, the handkerchief is to paper tissues what a cloth diaper is to disposable diapers (and regular customers or readers of our blog would know how we're all for reusable diapers).  And I just think that using hankies or cloth napkins with our lil' mess monsters is the perfectly sensible thing to do.

Rather than going through disposable wipe after disposable wipe (and we all know how much wiping is done around little ones), cloth is reusable and inexpensive.  If you already use cloth diapers, it's not a stretch to convert to cloth wipes too.  Once they are soiled, simply toss them into the laundry!

Using cloths as wipes also removes a very common source of toxin exposure - disposable wipes (even those marketed for babies) are often soaked in a toxic cocktail of chemicals.  Given how the solvent on your wipes is left sitting on your child's delicate skin after use, it is important to check your product labels.

To get started on using cloth, you don't really need anything fancy - any appropriately-sized-and-textured cloth you can get your hands on will do.  Me, I breathed new life into a gift of (never-used) table napkins by repurposing them into my new do-it-all diaper bag essential.  And, to be honest, I often find myself using my Bébé Au Lait nursing cover too, especially if I forget to replace the napkin after taking it out to wash - the nursing cover's a great size!

When out and about, a cloth comes in really handy after a hand wash (paper towels in public bathrooms do run out afterall), to mop down the mess on face & clothes, and to towel sweat off a child who's had too much fun.  No more tissue shreds to fuss with!

I've even used it as a bib (or sunshade) in a pinch - possibilities are endless!

Source: weevintagebaby.com

Consider also using cloth wipes for the delicate bits!  For after-potty wipes at home, I repurposed a set of baby facecloths that I felt were too rough.  I find that terry cloth (especially the rougher side) is far more effective at getting things clean than smooth disposables! 

Thinking of making the switch to reusables in more aspects of your daily life?  Find out how modern cloth pads can easily become part of your routine here!